Preparing for Team Yellow: Awesome Unisex Clothes for Newborns

Baby clothes aren’t all about pink and blue. While these are traditionally the colours people tend to buy for newborn baby girls and boys, their wardrobes shouldn’t have to revolve around these two pastel colours. In fact, if you choose not to find out what gender your baby is until the big reveal, and you opt to stay firmly rooted in Team Yellow, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase some neutral, unisex baby clothes in advance.

The joy of unisex clothes is they can be kept and reused, no matter what gender your next child might be. Alternatively, you could sell them on and appeal to mums of both boys and girls. The range of unisex baby clothes at George and similar stores is extensive, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re limited to the whites, creams and yellows either. Bold colours, such as reds, greens, purples and oranges are all perfect for both boys and girls, adding a little splash of brightness that will look both vibrant and incredibly cute.

If you’re not finding out the sex of your baby until the day and you wish to buy a few little unisex items, or you’d like to broaden your baby’s wardrobe so that it goes beyond the pink or blue hues, here are some fabulous options for you.

• This gorgeous padded sleepsuit with a cute elephant motif, whose trunk wraps around the sleepsuit, is an absolute must for a girl or a boy. Plus, at £6, there’s no reason not to add it to their growing wardrobe. The padded aspect will ensure they’re nice and snug on colder days, too.
• You can find some great sleepsuit sets that incorporate unisex colours and designs too. From whites and lemons, to bolder colours and designs that can include zoo animals, both girls and boys would look super cute.
• Fleecy pramsuits are a perfect piece of attire to bring baby home from the hospital in, so that they’re protected against the elements. While you could opt for a gender-specific suit, a superb unisex option would be a furry animal pramsuit, such as a teddy bear onesie.
• Black and white may sound a little boyish, but you’d be surprised how funky a little girl would look in monochrome too. Team with a hot pink hat and booties and she’ll look awesome!
• Sleepsuits or rompers with brightly coloured stripes, or motifs that pay tribute to mummy and daddy will suit both genders perfectly. Animal print outfits, such as zebra print or cow print, are ideal for both boys and girls, while character lines such as Winnie the Pooh and Disney also go down a storm.
You may find that, in some shops, the layout has a clear divide between baby girl and baby boy clothes. However, you can still find some fantastic options that would suit both genders, especially online where it’s easier to navigate the various outfits without being drawn to a particular part of the shop. Invest in some unisex outfits and you’ll be off to a great start when it comes to your baby’s first wardrobe!

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