Sailing off with the Disney Store and Moana

Kayleigh and Ethan have great imaginations and love drawing, so being challenged to draw an adventure with Moana thanks to the Disney Store was right up their street!

If you’ve not seen the film yet, Moana is about a strong-willed teenager who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a relic with a goddess. When it gets tough she goes in search of a demigod called Maui, in a bid to save her people.

With the story in mind Kayleigh and Ethan got busy with their pencils and drew their own little adventure maps.  Here are their stories they came up.

Kayleigh’s adventure:

Moana started in a dead wild forest where luckily they managed to escape to the ocean. After a while they found themselves on the beach and heading in land they found themselves getting deeper into the jungle, which then opened into a snowy land.

From here they ended back up in the desert which had beetles and bugs and a huge rock. Behind the big rock was the death skull and Moana entered this to see what she could find but there was nothing there.

By chance though Moana found a big cross on the way back, she dug and dug and found a map, it was a treasure map. This lead them to a locked treasure box.

It was no use, they couldn’t open it. They headed back into the forest to find the next cross and found the key to the treasure box.

Quickly they headed back to the treasure box and unlocked it, finding a chest full of diamonds and golden coins.

The end

Ethan’s adventure:

Moana starts her adventure on her boat. However a bad storm came and smashed the boat onto the rocks, luckily Moana got washed up onto the beach and watched the remains of her boat washed away.

As she was on an island she decided to take a walk along the beach where she came across a crab called Tamatoa. He shared with her that there was a secret map to treasure.

Moana set of in search of this treasure and carried on walking round the island, this was when she came across a castle that looked like a skull. Moana and Tamatoa went into the castle, in there they found someone they thought was friendly but he told them to leave the castle at once.

So they headed on through the jungle until they had almost got back to where they started. She went diagonally right, finding a cross which marked the area for a treasure chest. This was already unlocked and inside they found lots of treasure and nearby a boat for her to sail away safely.

Moana and Tamatoa sailed safely home.

The end

These stories are Kayleigh and Ethan’s which I love they came up with themselves from a piece of paper and some great Moana characters as props.

Thank you Disney Store for inviting us to take part and sending us some Moana toys to play with and create our own adventure!



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