Top tips for a romantic, classic bedroom

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Getting home and slinking away into a romantic, classic bedroom is one of life’s little pleasures. Add a glass of wine and your favourite movie, and we’d say it’s probably the best way to unwind and spend your evening.

But how do you create such a bedroom? The answer lies in your bed frame, colour scheme, and texture choices.

We provide more colour below.  

Bed frame magic

Your bed frame needs to be a romantic scene-stealer.

Ornate metal frames like the Birlea Jessica (pictured above) that harken back to a more glamorous era are perfect, as are lavishly curved sleigh beds like the Milan Chicago.

A regal winged headboard is perfect for a statement piece, or you can make the most of high ceilings with a soaring four poster bed like the Birlea Mercia.

Pictured: Milan Bed Company Chicago

Soft colours  

Soft and muted hues that evoke an air of vintage charm are perfect for romantic spaces.

We’re mad for barely-there blush pinks, dove greys, and creamy ivories because they are the perfect backdrop for layering in richer accents like deep mulberry and gold.

If you want something outrageously show-offy, why not try a moody, inky blue or a rich, jewel-toned emerald? Pair them with lighter, airier tones to keep things from feeling too heavy-handed (white walls, emerald curtains, etc.).

Tantalising textures

A romantic bedroom is all about lush, touchable textures that make you want to linger in bed all day. Start with a foundation of buttery-soft, high-thread-count sheets (splurge on the good stuff, you won’t regret it).

Then, layer on sumptuous accents like a silk duvet cover or a cosy wool throw and mix in plenty of plush velvets and nubby linens for good measure.

And don’t forget the mountain of fluffy pillows—trust us, you can never have too many.

Lighting the mood

Setting that intimate, romantic ambience is easy with dimmable light switches and colour-changing light bulbs.

Sprinkle in plenty of twinkling candles (flameless if you’re a bit clumsy like us) and drape delicate fairy lights around your headboard or canopy.

Pair your luxurious lighting with vintage-inspired candlestick holders or a grand chandelier dripping with crystals for a touch of old-world luxury.

Pictured: Birlea Mercia 4 Poster Bed Black

Vintage Treasures

A curated mix of vintage furniture, décor, and antique-inspired pieces will give your bedroom a classic edge.  

Scour your local charity, antique shops, and estate sales for one-of-a-kind treasures, such as a weathered wooden dresser or an intricately carved bedside table.  

Layer in smaller accent pieces, like a gilded mirror or a stack of leather-bound books, to give your bedroom a sense of history and depth.

Shimmer and shine

To really amp up the romance factor, don’t shy away from a bit of sparkle with shimmery metallic accents like a silver-leafed side table or a gold-flecked throw pillow.

Hang a glittering chandelier or drape a sequined shawl over the foot of your bed – just a hint of shine catches the candlelight beautifully and adds a touch of grown-up glamour.

Fresh and faux flowers

No romantic bedroom is complete without an abundance of flowers, with soft, billowing blooms like peonies and garden roses in dreamy pastel shades being perfect.

Plastic flowers are also a decent option if you can’t be bothered changing them out – pick your own online or from somewhere like Dunelm Mill.

Floral wallpaper and artwork can give your bedroom even more romanticism, especially if you get a golden frame with intricate carvings — extend the florals to your bedding, curtains, and pyjamas for even more floral delights.

Summing up

Romantic and classic bedrooms call for an ornate and feminine bed frame, floral bonanzas, and soft colours to tie everything together. Pepper in metallics and vintage pieces to ensure your space doesn’t look like the inside of a catalogue.