Working my way back into blogging

Working my way back into blogging

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The summer holidays have been very productive for my blog, it has been a chance for me to step back and look at it in depth.

For a while now I have been just plodding along, unsure where to take the blog and what I wanted to achieve. So, for me, the last few weeks have just clarified where I want to get to in the coming weeks, months and years.

Working my way back into blogging

Like many bloggers, when I first started out, it was not about the reviews or payments you could receive, this was all just a hobby. The fact it is still going 8 years later does surprise me.  However, I am always learning and the online world is always evolving, so I am trying to keep up with the latest trends!

Things I have been working on lately –

  1. Content strategy – for a long time now my content has been sporadic, at times non-existent. I have spent a lot of time just drifting so the last month or, so I have been planning my content for the rest of the year. Not every week but relevant content where it is suited.
  2. Pinterest strategy – I love Pinterest, for me, it is my favourite social media linked to my blog. Over the last 2 years, it has massively improved as traffic to my blog with me now getting 4 times the amount I used to get in a month, in one day. It does still need some work though and I am working through refining my Pinterest approach and getting ahead of the schedule with Tailwind. You can read more on my thoughts of Tailwind here.
  3. Blogging community – Although I am present, I have never really got stuck in with the blogging community, not because I don’t want to. More I didn’t really know how to! Now I get involved in linky’s, pop by and leave comments and share other contents. I’m a strong believer of what goes around, comes around. So, I am hoping for some positive karma to come from this.

I am back to work in just over a week, so this is the time to get organised and ready for the busy few months in the lead up to Christmas. At least this year though I have the passion and drive to take my blog up to the next level.

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