Slimming World carrot and sweet potato soup

Slimming World carrot and sweet potato soup

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nIf you have been reading the blog for a while you will know I love any recipes that are quick and simple and this quick Slimming World carrot and sweet potato soup is just that. I am trying to follow Slimming World a bit better and I find that Slimming World soup recipes are quick. This Slimming World soup is currently my favourite to have, I just find it really filling and minimal effort but it tastes amazing.

I am trying to be a bit more conscious of what I am eating, for me, it is too easy to stick to the same easy convenient meals without really giving it a thought. For a while, the pounds have slowly started to creep on as I have taken the lazy option rather than the healthier alternative. Over time, I have gained so much weight that I am now the heaviest I have ever been. This sadly isn’t the only issue I have been having

There are lots of recipes out there for healthy lunches but some just require too much effort and ingredients for my liking.

Hot to make a quick carrot and sweet potato soup

This one is quick, simple and has ingredients in it that most of us have in our fridge. I do use my soup maker for this like in my leek and potato recipe, but that is just as I can pretty much throw it all in and leave it to do its thing with no input from me. I have this Morphy Richards soup maker which I picked up in the sale a few years ago and it is a worthwhile investment. You can saute in there before adding the rest of the ingredients to cook, doing everything from one machine.

Slimming world carrot and sweet potato soup recipe –

As with most of my soups, this recipe is incredibly versatile. For example, if you have slightly fewer potatoes than it needs but an extra couple of carrots, that is fine, just throw it in. I love how simple soup making can be, it also cuts down on food waste too.

If you are a fan of soups and are looking for some suggestions, here are some great low-calorie soup recipes to pick from.

Soup recipes –

Soups don’t need to be overly complicated to taste amazing and this Slimming World carrot and sweet potato soup not only tastes delicious soup that can be kept in the fridge for 4 days after making it. This means it can be one less meal to be worried about for a few days. As I get more into Slimming World I’m planning on adding more Slimming World soup maker recipes and other Slimming World recipes to the blog.

As a family of 4, I like to have stress free meal times so all recipes will be family-friendly. Unless like me, you have a fussy eater! If in the meantime you are looking for another great soup to try, you can check out our other soup recipes here on the blog.

Slimming World carrot and sweet potato soup


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